xeetsh [kze:'tʃ]

Garbage Crew!

Out Now!

Collect trash, extinguish fires and travel in time in Garbage Crew!, a chaotic roguelike couch coop game!

H-AI plush sharks & co.

Entry for Wowie Jam 4.0

Manage a shark plushie online store, design plushies and have an eye on your assistant H-AI that takes the blueprints not that seriously.

Wir haben es auf der Toilette gefunden

Rewatch Podcast (german)

Listen to three idiots rewatching the exact same episode of the show Ares once a week! (in german)

Wildlife Camping Experience

Entry for MashupGameJam 2021

Help an angry rabbit to remove a campers car from the forest while not driving it by using conveyor belts, bombs, heavy oil and all other kinds of rabbit possesions.


Endless Africa Cover Player

A neet website if you want to listen to random Africa covers all day long.


Unity Multiplayer Networking Deployed In Five Minutes



A tale about a fish dying

Help a fish of uncleard species to escape it's tank in a flashy synthwave space experience. Feverfish is a free to play scoreattack game!


Python Metadata Media Manager

Command line tool to automatically sort huge ammounts of images and videos based on their metadata.